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Judo – the way of yielding – is a modernized synthesis of jujitsu, a diverse and ancient fighting method developed over thousands of years among Japan’s samurai.

The creation of Judo corresponds to a period of modernization in Japanese society during the late 1800s, when other traditional art forms and educational systems were standardized, introduced into public education, and made accessible to all people. With the development of Judo, jujitsu techniques were standardized into a progressive science-based curriculum that could be safely taught to people of all ages.   


At its most fundamental level Judo is a challenging but accessible system of grappling-focused self defense.  It is also:

  • A complete form of physical education, combining strength, flexibility, and aerobic exercise

  • An internationally practiced Olympic sport

  • A form of moving meditation 


Most importantly, Judo is a global community of welcoming practitioners. We invite you to join us. 

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