Our training is led by multiple black belt instructors with more than 40 years of Judo experience. This background includes state, national, and international-level competition, as well as prior training at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Japan.


Beyond Judo, our instructors and many of our senior members have formal ranking and extensive backgrounds in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other martial arts or combative sports.


As a member club in the US Judo Federation with active youth programs, our senior instructors are required to: 1) Pass routine criminal background checks, 2) To maintain training and certification from the Centers for Disease Control on head injury prevention and response, 3) To be trained and certified by the US Olympic Committee on maintaining safe/respectful sporting environments and mandatory reporting of abuse or misconduct among or directed at young athletes.


Even if you don’t train with us, as parents ourselves, we think these credentials should be a minimum standard for any club where your kids train.

$40 - MONTH 


We operate as a non-profit educational and recreational club, with no interest in selling you gear covered in logos, lifestyle products, or expensive special training seminars with our cult leader. (We’re joking about the cult!)


Our transparent monthly pricing covers our rent and basic operating costs. There are no hidden fees for promotions, no pressure tactics to sign you up for long-term contracts, and no sketchy auto payments that we try to lock you into.


Your first month training is also free with the purchase of a gi (training uniform). This is a great opportunity to try out Judo and see if you like it.

Monthly fees also offer reciprocal training with Aikido Port Townsend, including their traditional weapons classes. 


Visitors and drop-ins are always welcome.


We practice a full range of traditional Judo -- emphasizing live stand-up and ground grappling, with a strong  focus on self-defense. Our classes routinely feature instruction in classic Judo throws not currently used in tournament settings, as well as leg locks, striking fundamentals, traditional and modern jiu-jitsu, occasional no-gi grappling, sumo (no kidding!), and more.


More than that, our classes also feature discussions on Judo theory and the principles of leverage, off-balance, and timing necessary for success.

Gracie Combatives / Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense


Many of our regular Saturday classes are led by Steve Maxwell (6th degree black belt), our jiu-jitsu instructor-in-residence. Steve was the first American certified to teach Gracie jiu-jitsu in the U.S., and is a multi-time Pan American champion. He teaches traditional self-defense founded on the teachings of Helio Gracie and Mitsuyo Maeda. These classes include practical, easy to use, time-tested defenses against striking, weapons, and more.

COVID Update – August 2020 – The Future of Martial Arts

We’re grateful to report that despite this challenging year, we’re still a very active club, albeit one with a bit more space between each other these days. While we are not training on the mat, our beautiful, humble boatyard space is scrubbed and ready to host regular practice, whether that’s in 6-weeks from now, or 6-years. In the meantime, some of us have been getting together for safe and well-ventilated training off the mat. Reach out if you want to join us.

As a wildlife ecologist in my day job, this kind of pandemic is an event that I’ve heard peers predicting for years. The increasing omnipresence of humanity in natural spaces across our planet is generating poor outcomes:

On the one hand, as we encroach further into Earth’s last remaining wild areas, we further alter and eliminate the kinds of vast, quiet spaces that a lot of animals need to live. Indeed, over the past 40 years, Earth has lost 60% of its prior terrestrial and aquatic wild animal abundance, mostly due to habitat loss.

On the other hand, with fewer sparsely inhabited places to live, wild animals are increasingly occupying the fringes of human spaces. It’s inevitable that their diseases will spread to us, and ours to them. In just the past 4 decades we’ve had HIV, ebola, MERS, SARS, and now the most free-ranging and cosmopolitan of these zoonotic pathogens, SARS-coV-2. It’s foolish to think of COVID-19 as anything other than a starter pandemic. There are worse ones in our future.

All of this poses a new challenge for Judo and jiu-jitsu -- living arts that are manifest in real world practice -- perishable arts that require active and ongoing training to keep them alive. Simplistic beliefs that COVID will soon just “fade away,” or that we will be saved by some fast-to-market vaccine, or that we’ll quickly reach herd immunity are not supported by any evidence. It’s likely that the virus will actively circulate for years to come. For a lot of martial arts training academies this situation will probably result in a business model that no longer works.

And yet, it’s worth remembering that jiu-jitsu and Judo evolved over 2000 years in Japan, amid earlier and deadlier disease outbreaks, amid sweeping wars, massive fires and aerial fire bombings, amid earthquakes and famine. This art survived because people valued it enough, and found it beautiful enough to make time and space for training in the calm times, between calamities. This is what we will continue to do, and we hope you will too.

See you all back on the mat as soon as we get the green light to reopen. Hopefully sooner rather than later.




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