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Our training is led by multiple black belt instructors with more than 50 years of grappling experience. This background includes state, national, and international-level competition, as well as training at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Japan.


Additionally our national governing bodies requires senior instructors  to: 1) Pass routine criminal background checks, 2)  Maintain training and certification from the Centers for Disease Control on head injury prevention and response, 3) Achieve certification through the US Olympic Committee on maintaining safe/respectful sporting environments and mandatory reporting of abuse or misconduct among or directed at young athletes.


Even if you don’t train with us, as parents ourselves, we think these credentials should be a minimum standard for any club where your kids train.

$75 - MONTH 

We train at The Hive gym (co-housed with Hand-To-Hand Fitness) at 10632 Rhody Drive in Port Hadlock, WA.

Our current schedule is:

Tuesday Evenings 5:45 to 7:15pm


Saturday Mornings 10am to 11:30am

Our gym includes spring-supported floors for comfortable training, ample parking and a great range of complementary health and wellness programs including striking classes, massage, yoga, and more.


Visitors are most welcome.


We practice a full range of traditional Judo -- emphasizing live stand-up and ground grappling. Our classes routinely feature instruction in classic Judo throws not currently used in tournament settings, as well as leg locks, striking fundamentals, traditional  jiu-jitsu, occasional no-gi grappling, sumo and more.


More than that, our classes also feature discussions on Judo theory and the principles of leverage, off-balance, and timing necessary for success.

Youth Classes 


We currently offer youth training by invitation in our regular adult classes. Please contact us for more information, but do know that the kids who are a good fit for this are highly self motivated, at least 8-years of age, and capable of focusing for a full, active 90-minute training session. Mental commitment is more important than physical skill or strength.


Fall 2023: We are actively training, and welcoming new and returning members. Judo is a great way to build incredible core fitness, learn functional self defense skills, and to gain comfort and confidence in moving your body, falling down, and getting back up.


Thank you for checking us out, and please email us with any questions or to get started.


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